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All kinds of things to do - so many friends and the places to play that make me so happy. Just love to please - maybe you will be happy here too. 3  Photos


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preggy tattoed fetish doll;)) discоunt: 6E866EC7 7  Photos
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Submitted by bugsbunny 07/08/2007

Big Boys Got to Eat

I was sitting in my neighbor’s kitchen one night, drinking coffee. I was there to help her move the stove, ‘cause her old man was away for business.  She wasn’t fat, but she was a plump MILF with huge boobs. She was breastfeeding you see.  
She was wearing a light blue house dress and I could see the nipples right through it. I didn’t even notice I was staring, but all of a sudden she said “John, do you want some milk in that coffee?” “I drink it black” I said – without really thinking. She repeated the question, slowly and this time I got it and told her that yes, some milk will be nice.
She took out one massive tit and pressed it into my mouth. “Suck it John” she ordered, “you need to eat if you want to grow, and it’s time for my daily pump”. Well, I licked and sucked those nipples until I couldn’t wait any longer. I got up, pulled her dress over her thighs and fucked her nude ass, drilling her and squeezing a boob in each hand.    
Well, that’s it for my first experience with lactating boobs. I guess I don’t need to tell you how I take my coffee these days; plenty of milk.

Submitted by chittobitto 24/08/2007

Titties Pump

You know, women they got that pumping thing that goes on nipples and sucks all the milk right out of the tit. I saw one of them things on webcam. I think it’s really hot, to see a cam chick use it, because it’s like it’s you got your lips there doing the sucking. The bitches they love it, too. For real – it gets them all horny and shit.

Submitted by WQ6398 19/09/2007

Slutty Preggos

I like it when preggo babes lactate. They’re all round and curvy and wet. I also think that when a babe is pregnant she’s gives the best fucking – maybe because she isn’t scared about getting pregnant LOL. After they start breastfeeding sometimes they don’t have that much milk left and their nipples get all swollen and soggy-looking.

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