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Submitted by Anya 9/12/2007

Hungry Teen (18+)

My bisexual teen (18+) girlfriend caught a glimpse of my milky melons and just couldn't resist the temptation to taste. She approached me; her finger was caressing her black sexy panties. She asked in this hungry voice of hers: "Can I suck your nipples?" "Yes", I said. "You can."
She adores preg women. They make her go crazy. She even prefers them over men. I can't possibly understand what can be more satisfying than rough sex with my black man who voraciously sucks my lactating boobs and groans: "Give me my milk, bitch!"
Submitted by Nina 10/12/2007
Are you mad? There's nothing like the soft touch of woman's tongue. Men are savages. They know nothing about warmth and tenderness. This lesbian teen (18+) of yours sounds really hot- can you lend her to me for a night or two?

Submitted by Negro 10/12/2007
Lactating lesbians are my favorite. I wish I could have a preggo lesbo couple to satisfy this fetish of mine. I'd like them to sit side by side; their sexy  boobs dripping. I command one of them to suck the other one's nipples. By that time, the first babe's vagina is getting warm and wet. By the dazed look on her face I know it's time. She's ready for a fuck.  

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