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Our webcam MILFs and lactating girls know that there’s a thirst that only milk can slake. In their mouthwatering private shows they instruct and demonstrate adult breast feeding; and prove that even picky eaters can be tempted to eat. Join them for a lactating girls sex chat - now.

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Submitted by Danh29 14/11/2007

Ladies Get your Nipples Ready – It’s Milking Time!

Got love those milky mommies, with their huge dripping, ready-to-explode honkers. And once you start looking you’ll find them all over the place, carrying their jugs and ready to squirt.

Ebony MILF and her Delicious Pink Nipples

Black babes usually carry heavy melons to begin with, and when they’re breastfeeding they just about triple their size. I like to take one huge boob into my mouth and suck the erect nipple, or rub my dick between the overloaded tits. I give the slut a creampie that she’ll be eating for days.

Early Motherhood and Teenage (18+) Moms

Without offending the mature breast feeders, I think lactating girls are the absolute best. They’re always more adventurous and willing to try new games – bondage, smoking, spanking – anything I have in mind. Their skin is smooth, their buns are tight and their hooters, even stretched to their max size, are firm and fine.

Sucking the Milk of Another Man’s Wife

There’s an extra thrill when I suck milky boobs that aren’t mine, knowing I might get caught. The forbidden fruit sure taste sweeter. Hey – if a cuckold man can’t keep his woman in order, I see no reason to miss out on the chance.

Submissive Asian Hooters

I know what you’re thinking- they start off pretty small. But when these petite honeys swell they do it big time. Also I like to be in charge of the situation, and Asian mommy makes an excellent sex slave. These women were born to obey.

Submitted by skateboard22 01/12/2007

Preggos and Bondage

Once I was on a private session with this pregnant lady on webcam. If you’ve never tried a preggo before, I really recommend it. Anyway, I told her to gag herself stockings and tie her legs together with a scarf, and she was lying there and all tied up and playing with her clit. Just when things were getting really hot milk started coming out of her large nipple. At first we both got pretty surprised, but then we started laughing about it and she got some of it on her fingers and licked it and even put some in her pussy. It was great to watch.  

Submitted by massiveboner41 14/12/2007

Yummy Adult Breastfeeding

I’m with you on the wife thing dude. If the bitch is the kind of slut that sleeps around, the guy is better off without her anyway. I don’t think that teen (18+) babes are hottest though. From what I’ve seen, their titties tend to be smaller than average and they don’t usually lactate easily. I prefer BBW, because hey – size matters!

Submitted by PHD1972 19/01/2008
I liked the story, but why didn’t you write about Latin chicks? Man, these ladies got the best jugs around and they flaunt them whenever they can. I never tried an Asian before – not in real life and not on webcam, but after reading the story, I guess it might be pretty cool seeing large jahoobies on such a tiny body.

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